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Julianne Moore

Born on December 3, 1960, in North Carolina, USA, Julie Anne Smith is a great actress and has been a part of several strong roles in the industry. Kickstarting her career with television shows like ‘As the world turns’ and much more like these she has been growing since then. She has always portrayed strong roles and has even won several accolades for the same. Moving on to movies, her debut was with Tales from the Dark Side: the Movie in the year 1990 after which she was a part of several other not so famous films. After a span of about three years she received Robert Altman’s Short Cuts after which she gave blockbuster performances with strong portrayals and since then there has been no looking back.

Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Revelations

Apart from being an active part in movies and television, she has also written several fictional stories for children. She is married to Bart Freundlich who is nine years younger to her with whom she has two children. She has always considered her family to be the priority and believes that she has a happy family and that is certainly the most important thing in her life.

Julianne Moore like many other celebrities has maintained her verdict against plastic surgery and the related procedures. She has never been for the surgery thing to reduce one’s age but apparently, it has been found that she has taken the root to get better and enhanced looks to overcome her age. Well, she has never agreed to the fact of going under the knife for the rejuvenation but there definitely has been some work done on her and that here are some probable revelations about the same.

She looks 10 times younger than her age and that is supposed to be the magic of some plastic procedures. At her age, people usually bear falling skin and wrinkles but there is no sign of her getting those. Rather she looks extremely young and youthful and beautiful as always. Below Are some Julianne Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Images. Go Take A Look

Let’s have a look at some of her speculated plastic procedures.

Botox Injection

As mentioned, Juliann lacks any lines and wrinkles which is the basic sign of aging and that botox fillers are speculated here. Moreover, her skin is all stretched with an extended forehead. Her face is all glossy and shiny and that signs of getting facial fillers come out to be true. It has been speculated that she has had an overdose of botox which has resulted in an unusual and stretched face and an artificial and skinny smile shortly destroying her looks.


It is usually suggested to get a facelift done when getting botox fillers done. They both complement each other equally and have great effects when put on. But in this case of an overdone botox, a facelift resulted in further more destruction of looks as her forehead widened furthermore and her face is all skinny and stretched and that is easily visible. Though there has not been a complete transformation in her looks but she looks different and that is what is plastic surgery all about. Another Celebrity who had face lift is non other than Lauren Helen Graham, take a look at Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery Photos

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